Saba Participates in Weight & Measurements Training

Saba government employees Jerome Mathew and Philbert Ryner during the weights and measurement training in the Netherlands.

The Bottom, Saba- Three persons of the Public Entity Saba are currently in the Netherlands for a weights and measurements training facilitated by the Radio Communications Agency (‘Agentschap Telecom’) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK).

Head of Economic Affairs of the Public Entity Dave Levenstone, and Jerome Mathew and Philbert Ryner, of the Public Works Department, left for the Netherlands earlier this week to attend the training from September 4 to 13, joined by colleagues from Bonaire and St. Eustatius. The invitation for the training, which takes place in the city of Amersfoort, came from the Radio Communications Agency.

The training, which is a follow-up to earlier courses on Saba and St. Eustatius, focuses on theoretical aspects of the 2014 Caribbean Netherlands Calibration Law (“IJkwet BES”) which was adapted in 2017, and the technical inspections of measurement instruments in practice.

The participants learn how supervision on weights and measurements works in practice in the Netherlands, and which instruments resorts under the calibration law. Examples of these instruments are scales, fuel pumps and water and electricity meters. Participants will exchange know-how and experience, and a basic plan will be drafted for inspections on the islands.

After this full-fledged training in all aspects of weights and measurements, the participants will be fully certified to carry out inspections. Levenstone in 2012 already attended a 10-day training in the Netherlands at which time he became fully certified. The current course is a refresher for him. By law, three persons must be present to carry out calibration inspections and controls. These inspections are mandatory by law.

During the most recent training in December last year, facilitated by Henk Bartels of the Radio Communications Agency, participants looked into the updated Calibration Law and participants were refreshed on their knowledge of this law and the new calibration techniques. The current training in Amersfoort is a follow-up.

Two civil servants of St. Maarten’s Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication (TEATT) are also in the Netherlands for the training. The Radio Communications Agency and the Caribbean Netherlands have offered to assist St. Maarten where they can on this matter. St. Maarten still has to adopt its Weight and Measurement Law.

On Thursday, September 5, the training participants visited the Scale Museum (‘Weegschalen Museum’) in Naarden where they observed the different scales that have been in use in the Netherlands in the past. Levenstone specifically mentioned Commissioner Bruce Zagers and Island Secretary Tim Muller who were instrumental in making it possible for the Saban representatives to attend the training.

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