Saba promotes parking policy and traffic ordinance

THE BOTTOM- Special enforcement officers Alexandria Hassell and Thompson Thomas on Wednesday, August 10, were at the small parking lot in front of the Tourism Bureau in Windwardside to promote the parking policy. 

They handed out the blue parking disk and provided information about the new traffic ordinance to drivers.

In the coming period, Thomas and Hassell will be at the parking lot and other areas on the island on a regular basis to inform people of the new traffic ordinance, to hand out the blue disks and explain how it works. Drivers need to put the blue disk, with the time of arrival, visibly on the dashboard of their car.

Short term

A maximum two-hour parking is in effect at the small parking lot during the daytime. This is to avoid overcrowding and people parking their cars there for an entire day while they are at work at a nearby establishment.

The idea is for the small parking lot to accommodate short-term parking for people who want to go to a store or other establishment in the area. If people want to park for more than two hours, they can do so at the big parking lot. The same policy is in place for instance in front of the RBC bank. 2-hour zones are made known by a parking sign which states how long one is allowed to park and during which hours of the day the parking restriction is enforced.

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