Saba Registers two new Covid-19 Cases

Photo: BES-Reporter.

The Bottom, Saba- Saba’s Island Governor, Jonathan Johnson confirmed on Saturday that the island had 2 new ‘positive’ cases of Covid-19.

“As of today we have 2 positive cases of Covid-19. These are imported cases and who went directly into quarantine upon arrival and now are in isolation”, according to a short press statement by Saba Government.

According to Government, a protocol was in place upon the arrival of the two persons in question, to ensure that minimum interaction occurred. Because there has been uncertainty concerning this, it is being looked into to determine if further steps must be taken.

Alert Level

Saba this week moved to Alert level 2 and -so far- will remain there. According to Saba Government, as the 2 cases were imported no further up-scaling of measures was necessary.

Government did underscore however that it was important to maintain social distancing, hand washing and a maximum of 25 people for gatherings on the island.

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