Saba Reopens Later for Tourism

Saba will reopen later back for Tourism, but can’t say yet as of when.

The Bottom, Saba- The Public Entity Saba on Friday, August 14 has decided to push back opening dates for tourism. This means that Saba for the time being will remain closed for leisure travel.

While monitoring how destinations are reopening for tourism, recent developments have indicated that opening for tourists from the United States, Canada and the Netherlands in October or November is not feasible for a vulnerable island such as Saba.

Taking into consideration the increase in COVID-19 cases, not just regionally, but globally, along with the limited medical capacity on island, it is not expected that Saba will be able to open for visitors before the end of the year. While pushing back the reopening dates, unfortunately, creates more uncertainty for the hospitality sector, during an already difficult time, this decision was made to ensure the safety of Saba’s community.


The reopening of other destinations has also shown that aiming to open for visitors from a location which is considered high-risk will not be possible for Saba. Therefore, it has been decided that Saba will not be able to welcome visitors from a destination as long as it remains within the high-risk category.

The epidemiological situation regionally and within Saba’s main tourism markets will continue to be assessed to provide a tentative timeline for reopening for visitors from medium and low-risk countries. When positive developments occur, a tentative timeline will be set in consultation with local stakeholders.

A letter outlining the decision and the reasons why was sent to Saba’s hospitality sector on Friday afternoon.

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