Saba School Boards resign after critical inspection report

Developments have not been favourable for Saba’s schools. Photo: OLS

THE BOTTOM – The Boards of SKO SABA and Saba Educational Foundation Boards have resigned after a critical report of the Education Inspectorate. The delegation from the Inspectorate comprised of four members, including inspectors of primary and secondary education quality, and two financial inspectors.

Confidential discussions about the findings of the inspectors on April 15 led to the boards of both schools tendering their resignation. 

The Executive Council convened with the inspectors to receive an update on their findings. It is important to note that the inspectors could only share general findings with the council, as they are obligated to provide detailed results solely to the School Board Management.

Following the situation, the Executive Council says they will be engaging with the Ministry of OCW and the Inspectorate to initiate discussions on improving education quality on Saba and preventing further decline. The Executive Council has also stated to be seeking the guidance of the Ministry in dealing with the situation. 


The general findings revealed a decline in the quality of education in primary school education since November 2022 when the school received a basic level of quality.

In the meeting with the inspectorate in November 2023, the school already stated the decline in quality. The subsequent disclosure of financial challenges which led to the dismissal of several staff members, such as a Dutch and ESL teacher resulting in further deterioration. Additionally, the absence of essential positions impedes efforts to enhance educational quality.

Administrative Investigation

As the financial administrative investigation is still ongoing, the Executive Council is closely monitoring the situation and remains in contact with relevant authorities to provide necessary support. We will continue to keep the public informed as more information becomes available.

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