Saba Signs Contract to Remove Recyclables From Island

The large pile of scrap metal at the landfill will be removed first, followed by the removal of recyclables such as glass, cardboard, aluminum, plastic, tires and motor oil. Photo: Government of Saba.

The Bottom, Saba -The Public Entity Saba recently signed an agreement with the company Cadwell Inc. from Boca Raton, Florida, to remove all recyclable material from Saba.

This includes the pile of scrap metal at the landfill, the removal of car wrecks and the contents of the storage facilities with recycled glass, cardboard, aluminum, plastic and tires.

Commissioner in charge waste management and infrastructure Bruce Zagers, who signed the agreement with Cadwell Inc. explained that the project to remove all recyclable waste fits in the policy of the Public Entity Saba to recycle as much waste as possible and once collected and prepared, to ship this off island.

Zagers explained that it is hard to get rid of these materials and to get them off the island. That is why he is content with the agreement with Cadwell Inc. which will take all the materials on a barge to recycling facilities in the US. “The company is now working out logistics and hopefully the barge will arrive here within the next few weeks”, said Zagers.

Acquainted with Saba

Cadwell Inc.’s CEO and Co-founder Andrew Cadwell is already well-acquainted with Saba since he has worked with the Saba Electric Company (SEC) on different projects. Cadwell Inc.’s President and Co-Founder Joan Cadwell said that the company aims to further assist with the continuous removal of all future recyclable material on Saba on a regular basis and to use local sub-contractors throughout the process.

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