Saba starts COVID-19 booster campaign

THE BOTTOM -Saba will start its booster COVID-19 vaccination campaign next week Wednesday, December 8 with the vaccination of residents age 60 and older.

The Public Health Department has been contacting persons age 60 and up for an appointment to get their booster vaccination with the Moderna vaccine. The vaccination location will be the ambulance bay at the Saba Cares Clinic in The Bottom. The vaccination campaign is coordinated by the Vaccine Management Team with members of Saba Cares and the Public Health Department.  

Saba residents with severely compromised immune system have already received a third dose of the vaccine, deemed necessary because in some persons with a low immune system, two full doses of the vaccine might not be as effective as in persons with a normal immune system.

Public health officials pointed out that it is completely safe for people to receive the vaccine for the third or booster vaccination, regardless of the type of COVID-19 vaccine that they received earlier. There should be at least six months between the last COVID-19 vaccination and the booster. For those persons receiving the regular flu shot, there should be two weeks between the regular flu shot and the COVID-19 booster.

For the booster vaccination, people receive half of the Moderna dose that was given in the first and second shot. Half a dose is sufficient to sustain protection against COVID-19. booster Side-effects may occur after a booster, as this can also be the case after the first and second dose.

Persons under 60 will receive more information about when and where the booster will be given.

Saba has a very high vaccination coverage: 1,455 persons age 18 and up, some 90 per cent of the population, are fully vaccinated. Of this number, 380 persons are 60 years and older.

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