Saba students to participate in UNICEF film festival

The Bottom, Saba – As part of a campaign to learn about their rights in the second edition of UNICEF’s Child Rights Film Festival Caribbean, Saban youth will create and star in their own films. Students of the Sacred Heart School and the Saba Comprehensive School will use the arts as a medium to express their rights as children in a local context. They will create drawings and compose essays, which will form the basis of their films. Students on the other Dutch Caribbean islands of Bonaire and St. Eustatius will also participate in the film festival, which will culminate with an event on Bonaire.

The public is encouraged and invited to come see the drawings and essays that will be on display from March 4 until 9 at the Child Focus Foundation in Windwardside. Every child has rights, and it is critical to their overall development that they understand these rights that are put in place to protect their wellbeing and help them reach their full potential. Stay tuned for further developments on UNICEF’s Child Rights Film Festival. For further information, please contact the local project coordinator, Dahlia Hassell, at

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