Saba Telecommunications Company presents new directory, calendar 

Members of the Executive Council were presented with the new Directory and Calendar. Photo: Government of Saba

THE BOTTOM- Customers of the Saba Telecommunications Company Satel NV and Saba fans abroad can look forward to the new telephone directory and 2022 calendar which will become available by the end of this week. The directory and calendar were officially presented to the Executive Council on Tuesday, November 30.

Every two years, Satel NV publishes a new local directory with photos taken by Saba residents on its cover that show the island’s uniqueness. “We always use photos on the cover that are typically Saban,” said Satel’s Customer Care Supervisor and Administrative Assistant Sonya Johnson, who presented the directory and calendar to the members of the Executive Council, including Commissioner of Telecommunications Rolando Wilson. The new directory also has Satel’s 45th anniversary on the cover.


The 2022 calendar, published yearly, contains 12 unique photos by 8 resident photographers, the youngest one being secondary school student Jose Rodriquez. A photo of a Saba anole by Lonneke Schut was selected as the cover photo. Also on the calendar are two photos by Island Council Member Esmeralda Johnson. The other photographers are Nina Pederson, Angelita Peterson, Cassandra Holm, Danielle Dunlop and Johan Schaeffer. All winners receive a gift bag from Satel NV.

“We hope to inspire people, motivate them to keep taking photos, capturing the uniqueness of Saba throughout the year. And, I am very happy to see that children are getting into taking photos,” said Johnson.


The directory and calendar are not only popular among residents, but are also highly appreciated by Sabans living abroad and by people that regularly visit the island. “A number of directories and calendars go abroad. That is good PR for Saba,” said Johnson. 

A total of 1,500 directories and 850 calendars are available. When customers come in to pay their bill at Satel NV, they will receive a new directory and calendar. The directory was printed in St. Martin by Prim Services and the calendar in the United States by Printing Center USA. Sonya Johnson thanked all photographers for submitting their photos and Malachy Multi Media for the assistance with the lay-out.

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