Saba to keep two daily flights from Winair in September and October

THE BOTTOM- Windward Islands Airways International (Winair), contrary to what was first intended, intends to maintain two daily flights, seven days per week during the normally quiet months of September and October.

According to the Government of Saba, Winair’s decision is very good news for the island. Usually, Winair reduces its flight schedule during the low season months, and initially, the airline had informed the Public Entity and Saba tourism authorities that the Wednesday and Thursday flights would be removed from the system as from September 14 to October 27, 2022.

However, Winair has now agreed to reinstate these flights, and the schedule will remain as is which is two daily flights every day of the week, one flight in the morning and one in the afternoon. Saba Commissioner of Tourism Bruce Zagers had contact with Winair management to explain the great need for continued connectivity to and from Saba including in the normal low season.

“Daily air connectivity to and from Saba is of utmost important, even during the low season. Having these daily connections ensures that people have more options as the ferry isn’t suitable for everyone nor does it travel with the same frequency as Winair”, according to Zagers.


Connectivity to Saba is a challenge with the island very much depending on the number of flights that Winair offers. The number of flights is already limited, and reducing the schedule to even fewer flights in September and October led to discontent within the community and among the tourism partners.

“We are happy to see the daily flights back in the system during this time of year to minimize travel disruptions with our travel and trade partners and we look forward that during the high season additional flights can be added,” says Director of Tourism Malinda Hassell.

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