Saba Tourist Bureau introduces ‘Faces of Saba’

The Tourism Office in Windwardside. Photo: BES-Reporter

The BOTTOM – The Saba Tourist Bureau is introducing ‘Faces of Saba’, a featuring short video clips highlighting 11 dynamic individuals in the private sector who contribute to Saba’s tourism industry. 

This initiative provides insights into their roles and daily lives, as well as their passion for the island. Through engaging videos, each person shares why you should visit Saba and experience its charm. 

The project aims to showcase the diversity of professions vital to the island’s tourism sector, inspire the local community, and emphasize the collective efforts that shape Saba’s tourism environment. 

Every Thursday

‘Faces of Saba’ will premiere every Thursday on the Saba Tourist Bureau’s social media and YouTube channels, and it acknowledges the exceptional collaborators who made it possible.

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