Saba unites to celebrate Saba Day 2021

Executive Council with community award winners

THE BOTTOM- The people of Saba, dignitaries and invited guests came together for the official ceremony on Friday, December 3 for Saba Day 2021. It was an event of positivity where gratitude was expressed for keeping the island safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2021 hurricane season, and Saba’s successes were celebrated.

After the customary hoisting of the Saba flag and the singing of the national anthem and the Flag Song in front of the Government Administration Building in The Bottom, people walked to the Juliana’s Sports Field for an ecumenical service with praise, prayer and song. MC Elsa Peterson opened the official ceremony and welcomed everyone to the 46th annual Saba Day celebration with as theme: “Adopting a positive mindset amidst a changing world.” 

Winner of the primary school poetry contest, Sacred Heart School student Nevaeh Peterson, got a big applause for reading her poem about a great Saba tradition, fishing, and preparing the catch afterwards. Winner of the secondary school poetry contest Sab Comprehensive School student Trevon Johnson presented his poem about being a Saba boy, getting pig meat to make the best red pea soup, a traditional Saban dish, and remaining positive.


Commissioner Rolando Wilson looked back at what he called a “remarkable year” in the middle of a pandemic. “We have much to give God thanks for. Most of our people were kept safe and spared from this deadly virus”, said Wilson.

Commissioner of General Affairs, Bruce Zagers, said that while many of Saba’s successes could be directly traced to the decisions, work ethic, mindset and forward-thinking attitude of Saba’s ancestors, and it was important to preserve the local culture and heritage, it was also vital to find a balance where there is room for development in both the social and physical domains.

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