Saba Wants Attention for Connectivity Issue

Connectivity by air is important, but Saba gets about 50% of its visitors over sea.

The Bottom, Saba- Commissioner Zagers has discussed the issue of connectivity, which the Saba Government considers an urgent issue, during his recent meeting with Dutch Parliamentarians.

More specifically, Zagers is concerned about the high air fares between Saba and Sint Maarten. Zagers explained that a return ticket from St. Maarten to Miami costs approximately US $250, while a return ticket from Saba to St. Maarten is in the range of US $200.

“A connectivity report has been made but it does not present clear-cut solutions to reduce the price of air travel”, according to Zagers.

The Commissioner also pointed out that the connectivity report did not mention sea travel which accounts for approximately 50% of the arrivals and departures on the island.

Zagers also said that cheaper transportation by air and sea would allow for more economic development and more affordable imports which ultimately creates employment opportunities and brings down the cost of living.

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