Saba will also see higher prices for electricity

Saba has a high percentage of energy generated by the Solar Park, but still uses conventional fuels too. Photo: Saba Government

THE BOTTOM- Residents on Saba will soon also see higher fares for electricity consumption. 

An announcment by the Authority for Consumers and Marcets (ACM) has already indicated that higher pices will now be allowed to be charged by Saba Electricy Company.

The power company recently met with the Government of Saba, to discuss the situation and concerns in light of every increasing prices. 

While a great deal of electricity in Saba is produced by the island’s solar park, this energy is not always enough to supply the island with the power needed 24 hours per day. During parts of the day, the island relies on conventional fuels to generate power. These fuels have increased drasticallly, leading also to higher consumer prices for residents. 


SEC, along with the Public Entity Saba, is working on a project to move to near 100% renewable energy, which will significantly reduce dependence on diesel fuel and SEC’s operational costs. But this is a long-term solution. In the short term, both parties are exploring options to avoid or limit price increases as much as possible. 

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