Saba will organize another Rum & Lobster Fest

THE BOTTOM – The island of Saba is set to host the much-anticipated Rum & Lobster Fest from November 5th to 12th, 2023, promising an immersive celebration of culinary excellence, live music, arts, and the island’s natural beauty. 

The festival is a collaborative effort within the tourism sector, featuring 16 restaurants, bars, hotels, dive shops, and local artists. The week-long event includes unique experiences like tastings, the Rum Hunt, the Booze Cruise, and the Lobster Rum Crawl. Visitors can savor Saba’s spiny lobsters and Unspoiled Queen Liqueur rums while enjoying art and craft workshops. 

Vibrant celebration

According to Saba Tourism Office director Malinda Hassell, the festival is a vibrant celebration of food, culture, and community, for locals and tourists alike. Special accommodation offers are available for those planning to attend.

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