Island-wide ‘Keep Saba Clean’ campaign

Volunteers at work during the Keep Saba Clean event on Saturday, June 29. Photo: Government of Saba.

The Bottom, Saba- Saba has engaged in a large, four-week island-wide clean-up campaign ‘Keep Saba Clean’ which started on June 21 and runs until July 13.

Armed with garbage bags and gloves to protect their hands, groups of volunteers have been cleaning in and near the villages for the past two Fridays and Saturdays. Any litter, including large debris, that they came across was collected and put alongside the road, where the trash was collected by the Public Works Department.

Among the volunteers were representatives of the Philippines community, the hospitality sector, school children, civil servants and private persons. Coming Friday and Saturday, the team of the Saba Reach Foundation will be joining the private residents, hospitality employees and representatives of some local businesses. Next week youth leaders and participating children of the Lipscomb and Child Focus Summer Camp will be present.

One of the Keep Saba Clean coordinators, Nicole Johnson, said she was very grateful for the assistance of the volunteers and the efforts of the coordinating team. “It is great to see people coming out to help clean Saba. Together, we can get a lot done and it is all in Saba’s best interest,” she said. Residents are also encouraged to clean up their own yards during this time, in preparation of the upcoming peak of hurricane season.

Annual Campaign

Keep Saba Clean, an annual clean-up campaign, has several objectives. Besides keeping Saba clean and green, which is very important for a sustainable tourism destination, the campaign also serves to prepare for the hurricane season by removing loose lying objects and debris. Thirdly, the clean-up helps to eradicate mosquito breeding places.    

On June 21 and 22, The Bottom area and Fort Bay were cleaned. On June 28 and 29 the focus was on St. John’s and Giles Quarter. On July 5 and 6, volunteers will clean Windwardside, Booby Hill and The Level. The last area to be cleaned on July 12 and 13 is English Quarter, and Hell’s Gate, all the way down to Cove Bay.

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