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Saban Grandmother & Granddaughter Duo Present their Books

Commissioner Wilson with the Grandmother and Granddaughter writer duo. Photo: Government of Saba

The Bottom, Saba- Last Friday, July 12, saw a unique event taking place in the Queen Wilhelmina Library with a duo presentation by Carmen Simmons and Lysanne Charles of their books.

Simmons celebrated the second edition of her book “The Life of Carmen Simmons, Memoires of a Small Island Girl,” while Charles presented her new book “Her(e): A Collection of Queer Caribbean LGBTI Affirming Poetry & Short Stories.” It was a special moment for grandmother and granddaughter.

Commissioner of Cultural Affairs Rolando Wilson attended the gathering at the library and gave a short speech in which he referred to Ms. Simmons as “the most popular woman on Saba” and a “true cultural icon.”

She is also a strong woman, the Commissioner noted. “This is a lady with a driving spirit who once she set her mind to do something, she would make sure it gets done. She has touched the lives of many on Saba and abroad,” said Wilson.  

“The reprinting of her 2016 book The Life of Carmen Simmons, Memoires of a Small Island Girl, should be an inspiration to many. It is a book in which she shares words of wisdom. For me, it brings back fond memories of growing up when life was less complex than nowadays,” said the Commissioner.

About Lysanne Charles, Wilson said: “She is one of the many that you, Ms. Simmons, have encouraged and inspired to follow in your footsteps. Lysanne, congratulations on your new book and much success.” The book Her(e) contains 30 poems and two short stories, mostly LGBTI related and about the universal topic of love.

Ms. Simmons and Charles each read parts from their book. Members of the audience had the opportunity to purchase a book and to have it signed. The writers handed two copies of each book to the library.

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