Saba’s Carnival Calendar Presented

The Bottom, Saba- Commissioner of Culture Rolando Wilson on Monday, July 8 received the official program of 2019 Saba Summer Festival. President of the Carnival Committee Cristal Hassell presented the poster detailing the schedule to the Commissioner.

Wilson said he was very content that Saba would once again be celebrating its annual summer festival. Saba Carnival will start on July 21 and end on July 28. This year’s theme is “It’s you, it’s me, it’s our festival, our legacy.” The Commissioner apologized for late presentation of the carnival schedule.

The week-long Carnival festivities start on Sunday, July 21 with the Children’s Parade. On Monday, July 22 the Opening Jump Up takes place, on Tuesday, July 23 it is time for Invasion Night with Triple S Take Over, and on Wednesday July 24, is the Junior and Teen Road March Show.

On Thursday, July 25, an international band will be performing, followed on Friday, July 26 by the Calypso Show. On Saturday, July 27 is Jouvert and the Grand Parade Day 1. On Sunday, July 28, Carnival ends with the second day parade, the last lap and the burning of the Momo. 

Commissioner Wilson said he was grateful that a number of businesses were willing to sponsor this year’s Saba Summer Festival. He said that it had been challenging find the sponsors because of the many challenges that the businesses are confronting. He thanked the businesses that were willing to assist.

The Commissioner thanked the promoters for showing interest in the events. “Having said that, I also want to thank the members of the Carnival Committee for accepting the great challenge of organizing and coordinating an entire week of events. I am calling on the community to come out and celebrate our 44 years of carnival.”

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