Saba’s daycare moves into new prefab units

An impression of the space inside the new pre-fab facility. Photo: Government of Saba

THE BOTTOM, SABA- The move of the Laura Linzey Day Care Center (LLDCC) into the brand-new prefab units in the yard of the Governor’s House has been completed. Three groups are housed at the temporary location until a new daycare and afterschool care building has been constructed in The Bottom.

A tour of the premises by daycare management showed very spacious, clean, light and well-equipped units where the children have ample room to play and the employees have sufficient facilities at their disposal to take good care of the children.


With the installation of the units, all requirements of the local childcare ordinance are met in terms of quality and criteria, explained LLDCC manager Tessa Alexander. This includes the requirement of having 3m2 space per child. The project, financed by the BES(t) 4 Kids program, strengthens and improves quality childcare, stated BES(t) 4 Kids project leader Rosa Johnson.

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