Saba’s Pharmacy moves to new location in The Bottom

Saba’s Pharmacy moves to new location in The Bottom
The new pharmacy has more products as well as a modern look. Photo: Wellness Pharmacy. 

THE BOTTOM- The Saba Wellness Pharmacy moved to a new location in The Bottom, inside the former MyStore building. The pharmacy can be accessed through the front sliding door entrance and upstairs where the freezer section used to be. 

The location was chosen as the new building ensures more space, safety for the annual hurricane season, more storage in the same building and backup generators for 24/7 electricity. The new design allows all the staff to work together efficiently to provide all the pharmacy services.  The space is well lit with a combination of natural and LED lighting, so all items can be accessed easily.


“I was hired 5 and a half years ago to create a proper pharmacy for Saba and now I feel we have the building to match our services”, says Managing Director Jacqui Christian. According to Christian, the pharmacy plans to work together with other Saba healthcare organizations to further improve the service provided to the residents of the island.  

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