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Saba’s Rupert Sorton Receives Royal Decoration

Sorton received his decoration and decree from the hands of Governor Johnson. Photo: OLS

THE BOTTOM- On April 26th, Rupert Karel Nathaniel Sorton received a Royal Decoration for his tremendous musical contributions to Saba.

Sorton is well-known for his steelpan performances, having also been one of the founders of the Saba Spice Steel Orchestra in 1987, and his participation in numerous calypso shows. He is also known as a faithful member of the Anglican church, who has shown his dedication through the ringing of the bell and climbing of The Ladder in order to access it.

Island Governor Jonathan Johnson presented Sorton with the decree while thanking him for his service to the community of Saba and congratulated him on this special achievement.


Royal Decorations are awarded every year on the birthday of His Majesty King Willem Alexander Royal Decoration, as a token of appreciation for persons who have made an important contribution to society. The award received by Rupert Sorton is the Order of Orange-Nassau, which is given to those with longstanding commendable service to society, the State or the Royal House.

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