Saba’s School Bus Drivers in the Spotlight

The Bottom, Saba- The Public Entity Saba has decided to put the school bus drivers and their team leader James Bennett “Benny” Johnson in the spotlight.

A get-together was organized for the bus drivers on December 4 where the bus drivers received a certificate from Head of the Human Resources Department Miguela Gumbs. From Monday to Friday, Benny and his team provide transportation services to the children attending the Sacred Heart School and Saba Comprehensive School.

The drivers also provide transportation for the students of the Saba University School of Medicine from Monday to Saturday. Their work doesn’t stop there: the school bus drivers provide transportation services for afterschool activities and for various cultural and sporting events as well. To make this achievement happen, the school bus drivers work closely together.

“With the work that has to be done, we must always be on time. Being late is not an option. And, safety comes first. My team of bus drivers knows this, and they perform well,” said Benny.

Head of Public Works Russell Thielman praised the bus drivers’ work. “Benny and his team have built a team that delivers great results. People are happy with their services. It is obvious that the bus drivers are proud of their job and it reflects on the service that they provide to the community,” said Thielman. He explained that backup drivers from other Public Works units were always willing to assist when necessary. “I think this says enough about the work atmosphere and team spirit of this team. A round of applause for Benny and his team of bus drivers and substitutes drivers, and for Benny for his excellent work as team leader. Keep up the good work.”

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