Saba’s Schools Ban Plastic Water Bottles

Students and teachers will receive reusable bottles. Photo: Government of Saba

The Bottom, Saba- The Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) is eliminating the use of small plastic disposable water bottles.

On Monday, January 13, all 114 students as well as the staff will receive a stainless-steel water bottle that they can refill at the water dispenser. For the remainder of January, everyone can refill their water bottle for free. Per February, they will pay US $1 to refill their bottle.

Small disposable water bottles are no longer being sold at the school, explained principal Anton Hermans. The water dispenser has already been installed. It concerns a combined initiative of SCS and the Public Entity Saba. The initiative fits in the objective to contribute to a greener and cleaner Saba, and to reduce the amount of plastics.

Bottling plant

It also links well to the planned installation of a drinking water bottling plant this year on Saba. This plant will sell locally produced drinking water in reusable 3- and 5-gallon bottles, which fit most water dispensers. Once the bottling plant is operational, the Public Entity is also planning on working together with the Sacred Heart School (SHS) in making the shift to reusable water bottles.

The bottle that SCS students and staff will receive has on it the logos of SCS, SHS, EC2, the Saba After School Care, Saba Reach and the Body, Mind & Spirit (BMS). Pupils and staff of the primary SHS school will receive a water bottle in the near future.   

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