Saba’s Tourism Master Plan presented

Stakeholders listening to the conclusions and recommendations of the tourism experts. Photo: Public Entity Saba

THE BOTTOM- The results of the Saba Tourism Master Plan 2023-2028 were presented to the tourism partners and the community during two individual sessions on Thursday, December 8. 

The document outlines three top priorities: increase accessibility to Saba, ensure resources for the Tourist Office and raise tourism awareness among the local population.  

The Rosen College of Hospitality Management team of the University of Central Florida presented the plan at the Eugenius Johnson Center with stakeholders and at the Queen Wilhelmina Library with members of the community. Besides informing people on the results of the strategic tourism master plan, the sessions served to get feedback for the final version of the plan titled. Presentations were also given to Commissioner of Tourism Bruce Zagers, the Executive Council and the Island Council.


The plan identifies five strategic directions and aims to double Saba’s tourism arrivals from 9,629 to 19,181 over the next five years. In terms of revenue, total income from tourism should increas from $12.2 million (24.3% of the island’s economic output) to $18.7 million (35.6% of the economy).

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