Saba’s Youth Center “The Spot” welcomes teens with open arms and exciting opportunities

THE BOTTOM – Young adolescents, many accompanied by their parents, turned up in large numbers for the official opening of The Spot Youth Center on Friday, September 15, all eager to see Saba’s new teen drop in and after-school clubs center in The Bottom. 

“We have envisioned “The Spot” as a safe haven, a sanctuary where teenagers can find refuge from life’s challenges, and where they can connect, learn and grow together,” said Community Outreach Coordinator Kemaul Lee of the Community Development Department of the Public Entity Saba.

“Our mission is simple, yet profound: to provide a space where teenagers can drop in and find support, inspiration and opportunities. Where they can unwind, engage in meaningful activities and find guidance from mentors. Our after-school clubs will be the heartbeat of The Spot. Learning should be fun and engaging, and here, our youth will have the chance to explore their interests, discover new talents and develop life skills that will serve them well beyond their teenage years,” said Lee. 


The Spot is an initiative of the Community Development Department of the Public Entity Saba, but came about in collaboration with the youth themselves. Actually, the name “The Spot” was an idea that came up in a meeting with the Student Body of the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS), explained Lee.

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