Sailing vessel Star Clipper rescues passengers at sea

Starclipper seen last week behind Klein Bonaire. Photo: BES-Reporter

Last Saturday, the Coast Guard received a report from the Venezuelan Coast Guard that a vessel was experiencing engine problems. The vessel was floating at sea in the Coast Guard’s area of responsibility. The three people on board needed assistance.

After the report, the Maritime Operations Center of the Coast Guard has the Dash aircraft ahead

assistance requested. Once on location, the crew of the patrol plane saw the vessel in distress. The patrol aircraft then flew in the vicinity in search of a ship or boat who could help those on board. 

Nearby, the Dash plane spotted a four-masted sailing vessel named Star Clipper and requested it to assist the drifting vessel and her crew. The sailing vessel Star Clipper took the people on board, and brought them to Colombia where they were received by the authorities there.

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