Saliña di Vlijt is Being Redeveloped For Migratory Birds

Photo: Department of Communications of the Government of Bonaire

Kralendijk – Saliña di Vlijt be refurbished to prevent large amounts of sludge from flowing into the sea in the future. The saliña has been flooded in recent years with sludge of about 50 centimetres.

The saliña has not been serviced for years. In order to to prevent the sludge from flowing into the sea, part of the saliña will be excavated. The maintenance of the Saliña di Vlijt will commence in August and will be finished in September. The mapping of the saliña is part of the so-called nature project Erosion control Nature recovery Bonaire.

The area being excavated lies to the east of the saliña and runs as far as Mentor. This part is the property of Public Entity Bonaire. As part of the project, three small islands will be created where birds can forage and brood in the future.

The saliñas are a favorite place for water birds. They are also important for migratory birds that migrate between North and South America.

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