Samira Raphaela (D66) Gets Most EP Votes in Bonaire

Thanks to the votes for Raphaela, D66 has turned out to be a big winner on the BES-islands. Photo: Hoofd Stembureau Bonaire.

Kralendijk -The liberal Democratic Party (D66) from The Netherlands has won the elections for the European Parliament on Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba. Of the 1,827 valid votes cast on the islands, D66 achieved 1,119 votes, or 61.9%.

Samira Rafaela, the candidate with a Curaçao mother, received 959 votes on Bonaire out of 1,106 votes cast at the party. Rafaela received 1,001 of the 1,119 votes cast on the BES islands on D66. Rafaela was the only candidate who made an effort to actively campaign for the EP elections on the Dutch Caribbean Islands.

In the local European Parliament elections, the Labor Party (PvdA) finished second with 152 votes, 8.4% of all votes. The Christian-Democraticy CDA party became third, receiving 112 votes from the voters on the islands, which accounted for 6.2% of the votes.

The Liberal Party (VVD) of Prime Minister Rutte’s, finished in fourth place with 85 votes, or 4.7 percent of the total. Green party GroenLinks won 78 votes, 4.30 percent of the total.

In the elections to the European Parliament there were a total of 15,515 people with voting rights. 1,807 valid votes have been cast. A total of eight invalid votes were cast. Twelve voters voted blank. On Bonaire there were 12,747 people with voting rights, 1,555 people went to vote. A total of 1,539 valid votes were cast on the island, four were invalid and there were twelve blank votes.

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