Sand will be replenished at Saba’s Cove Bay

In total 150 bags of sand will come to Saba for the improvement of Cove Bay. Photo: Public Entity Saba

THE BOTTOM – The Public Entity Saba has taken the initiative to replenish the sand on the beach and playground in Cove Bay. Part of the project is to build a wall along the shoreline to protect the sand on the beach. 

The cargo ship Orion will bring 30 bags at a time from St. Maarten. In total, 150 bags with sand will come to Saba. The first 30 bags arrived on Saba Wednesday evening, July 19 and will be taken to Cove Bay shortly. The Cove Bay area will be cleaned up, and the beach area, as well as the playground area will be replenished with fresh sand. 

The remaining 120 bags with sand will be stored until a wall is built along the shoreline. The wall will stop the waves from pulling the sand in the sea when it is rough. The wall will also aid in making a flat, beach-like area. Construction of the wall will start after the hurricane season.


Commissioner of Infrastructure Bruce Zagers said that while he realized that putting 30 bags of sand during the hurricane season was a bit risky, he still felt it necessary to replenish the beach at this time. “We find it important to improve the shoreline so that persons visiting Cove Bay during the summer can have an improved experience,” he said.

The logistics to get the sand to Saba were difficult to organize and as a last resort it was decided to ship the sand in bags.

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