Scholengemeenschap Bonaire starts Recruitment for new director

KRALENDIJK- The Bonaire School Community (SGB) is searching for a new chairperson for the Board of Directors. This becomes clear from advertisements that have appeared in various media.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors at SGB, together with a vice chairman, leads the daily operations of the school. Above the Board of Directors, there is a Supervisory Board (RvT) that oversees the management.

The recruitment of a new chairman of the Board of Directors became necessary after significant differences in views between the departing chairperson, Klaske van Apperloo, and the Supervisory Board. Van Apperloo’s policies have led to tense situations at the school, which has over 1000 students and four departments.


Significant improvements have been made in the quality of education in recent years, leading to increasingly positive reports from the education inspection. Information about the vacant position can be found online on the SGB website.

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