Scholengemeenschap Bonaire will introduce after-school activities

 After regular school hours, there will be room for various activities, which will strengthen Social abilities, among other things. Photo: SGB

KRALENDIJK – As of this school year, Scholengemeenschap Bonaire (SGB) will be realizing a range of extra curricular activities at the VMBO, Liseo, Special Teaching Places (SLP) and MBO units in collaboration with local partners and the business community.

This could include sports, artistic activities such as drama, dance and expression, activities in the field of entrepreneurship and projects that touch on a social theme. This offer is made possible by the National Education Programme.

The National Education Program enables schools to tackle covid-related backlogs in the coming years. This not only concerns deficits in the field of cognitive development, but also the social-emotional development and well-being of the pupils and students.

Social competences

The SGB considers it important that there is not only an eye for qualification, but also for initiatives that contribute to the promotion of the social competences of its students. So not just extra tutoring, but also offering space for activities that increase the self-confidence and self-reliance of students.

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