Schools renovation project successful

Photo: Public Entity Saba

SABA– The renovation works at the Sacred Heart Primary School (SHS) and the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) went well, as did the project to construct a parking lot next to the schools at St. John’s.

Commissioner of Education, Finance and Public Works Bruce Zagers said the only work left to be done at SHS is placing of new windows and doors at the front, facing the playground. The installation of the new windows, which like all other windows are hurricane proof, will start during the October school break.

Zagers explained that as part of the project, the playground at the SHS was repaved, the back windows of the classrooms were replaced and that the entire school building was painted. Also, bathrooms were added and the existing bathrooms were refurbished. The fence surrounding the school was completely changed. This work was done during the summer vacation. At the SCS, the sheeting on two of the roofs was changed and the walkway around the classrooms on the second floor was repaired and strengthened. Work was also done on the bathrooms and ceilings that were damaged. At the technical school in Cove Bay, the sheeting of the roof was replaced and the gutters were fixed. All work was done on schedule. He thanked all contractors for performing on time. The supervision of the school renovations project was done in an “excellent manner” by the Planning Bureau of the Public Entity Saba, said the Commissioner. The school renovations were executed under the direct responsibility of the Public Entity Saba. The renovations were very much appreciated by the students
and staff.

The new parking area at the schools is already in use, and according to Zagers, it has proven to be an immediate improvement to the traffic situation with cars now being parked in the back, instead of at the front. The parking lot was constructed by Ross Construction and the Public Works Department, both of whom did a good job, said Zagers. The parking lot project was engineered and supervised by the Planning Bureau, which the Commissioner thanked for yet another good job.

The next part of this project is to construct the by-pass road. No time- table has been set for that. A plan of approach is being drafted for the new construction and expansion of the SCS and the new construction of the day care next to the schools. As part of this plan, the infrastructure in this area will be upgraded.

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