St. Eustatius

Scooter accident leaves two wounded in St. Eustatius

One of the driver's did not have a driver's license. Photo: Archive picture, no footage of actual situation.
scooter accident

One of the driver’s did not have a driver’s license. *Photo is an archive picture and contains no footage of actual situation.

Oranjestad- Earlier today a traffic accident took place in St. Eustatius which has left 2 seriously injured. The drivers of the of scooters were apparently racing in Golden Rock when, for reasons still unknown, one of the scooters collided into the other one.

One of the driver’s does not have a driver’s license and both scooters did not have insurance or license plates.

The Police Department is calling on witnesses to the incident to contact the police station for information gathering purposes.

Both drivers have several injuries and were transported to St. Maarten for advanced medical treatment. The investigation by KPCN continues.

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