Screening Breast Cancer Bonaire starts with first group of ladies

Screening coordinator Shahaira Salas-Libier standing next to the mammography equipment at Fundashon Mariadal.

Kralendijk – The pilot for the breast cancer health screening program on Bonaire kicked off this week. The first group of 60 ladies from 50 up to 75 years of age will be screened at Fundashon Mariadal between the 21st and 25th of October 2019.

The pilot initiates the first phase of the breast cancer health screening program. This health screening program is a free medical exam, with periodic testing over a longer period, aimed at early detection of breast cancer.

The first group of 60 women who are participating in the screening this week, have registered after receiving the invitation letter. The youngest participant is 50 years of age, and the eldest is 75. During the next 6 months a total of 750 women will be invited to participate in the breast cancer screening program.

The free screening consists of having a mammogram (x-ray) taken, which will be evaluated afterwards by specialists who are specifically trained for this. Participants will receive the results after 2 weeks. Participating women will subsequently receive an invitation every 2 years to be tested, until they reach the age of 76.

Last week the local cancer foundation, Stichting Prinses Wilhelmina Fonds Bonaire, organized a lecture by the oncologist Dr. Daryanani from Aruba. In his speech, Dr. Daryanani emphasized the importance of early detection. When breast cancer is detected early, treatment has a higher probability of success, and is often less invasive. The team of the Bonaire Breast Cancer Screening Program was also present at the lecture, to provide information about the health screening program.

For more information about the Breast Cancer Screening Program, visit the website or e-mail

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