Sea & Learn Foundation Saba To Deliver Year-Round Environmental Programs

Educational efforts are helping preservation of Saba’s natural environment. Photo: Government of Saba

THE BOTTOM- The Sea & Learn Foundation (SLF) in Saba is set to expand its program offerings with new multi-year support from the Nature and Environmental Policy Plan (NEPP), starting in 2024. 

Originating in 2003 as a month-long environmental awareness program, SLF’s October program has grown, becoming a key element. Founder Lynn Costenaro envisions strengthening interest in Saba’s culture and environment through initiatives like Create & Learn and Adopt-A-Box. 

NEPP’s support aligns with its goal to ensure sustainable use of natural resources in Bonaire, St. Eustatius, and Saba. SLF’s expanded platform will integrate NEPP themes, addressing topics like waste management, agriculture, erosion, reforestation, and coral restoration. 

Collaborations with local schools and workshops, such as “Grow Your Own Microgreens,” aim to foster environmental awareness and sustainable behavior. 


The SLF’s community engagement and educational efforts continue to contribute to the preservation of Saba’s natural environment and cultural heritage. For more information on upcoming workshops, contact or follow @seaandlearnfoundation on social media.

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