SEA Work Conference for study success Caribbean students takes place in Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD – The second SEA working conference was held today in Curaçao, with all islands of the Caribbean and the Netherlands represented. SEA, or Strategic Education Alliance, has the primary goal of promoting study success and equity for Caribbean students. It also focused on the SEA priorities.

Throughout the conference, several panels and working sessions were held aimed at improving the study success of Caribbean students. The focus, in particular, being the connection of secondary education to mbo/sbo. Attention was also paid to the SEA’s three focal points, namely facilitating mobility for students within the Kingdom, providing transitional training for students wishing to embark on a university education, and conducting research on improving the connection between education and the labor market.

Both Secondary Education schools and mbo/sbo schools from the Caribbean were present, along with some Dutch schools. In addition, students from across the Kingdom actively participated in the working conference and were able to make valuable contributions to the discussions and activities.


SEA’s working conference aims to provide a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices. The ultimate goal is to strengthen education and increase opportunities for all Caribbean students.

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