SeaDream ads calls to Saba

SeaDream ads calls to Saba

THE BOTTOM- With the easing of entry for day trippers, the luxurious cruising company SeaDream has added some calls to Saba for 2022. SeaDream II is scheduled to visit Saba on March 22, April 5, April 13, April 20 and December 22 this year, if weather permits. 

SeaDream I will visit the island on March 24. Some 80 guests will be on board of the two SeaDream ships that visit this week. On-island measures have been communicated, including the wearing of face masks and the practicing of good hand hygiene.

The booth of the Saba Tourism Bureau will be relocated and will remain at Fort Bay until the end of April, 2022 to receive the visitors and to provide information. Some of the tours that guests can book onboard are an island Saba sights tour and/or guided hiking, as well as diving. The ships’ agent is Saba C-Transport NV.

“It’s great to see that SeaDream will resume its calls to Saba and has even added a few calls. We look forward to the guests having a wonderful experience on the island. Word of mouth being one of the best promotional tools, we are positive that the visiting guests will share their experiences with friends and family and result in the return of some to the island for a longer stay. Many guests are amazed by the island’s topography, the charming villages and the local hospitality, and many guests reference Saba as a different Caribbean destination with its lush nature and cloud rainforest,” said Director of Tourism Malinda Hassell.  

High accolades

SeaDream Yacht Club is a family-owned company. Established in 2001, SeaDream Yacht Club launched its twin mega-yachts, SeaDream I and SeaDream II, and has achieved the industry’s highest accolades. “It’s Yachting, Not Cruising” defines SeaDream’s mission, which is to provide a casual yachting experience that exceeds guests’ expectations as they explore the world’s most amazing destination

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