SeaDream II visits Saba on December 22nd

The Seadream II during an earlier visit. Photo: Jamie Buchanan

THE BOTTOM- The small luxury cruise ship SeaDream II is scheduled to visit Saba on Thursday, December 22. Six more calls of the SeaDream I and II are planned for January, February and March 2023.

Guests of the SeaDream II will be able to take an island tour, go on a guided hike, go scuba diving or explore the island on their own. There will be a booth of the Saba Tourist Office at Fort Bay Harbor, where the ship’s agent Saba C-Transport will also be present, to greet the visitors and give them information.

The Arts & Crafts market will be set up in front of the Tourist Office in Windwardside on December 22 between 10am -12pm and Karel Sorton has been invited to play his steelpan at the Breadline Plaza in the morning hours.

The last visit of a SeaDream ship was in April 2022. Jaime Buchanan of Saba C-Transport said that many of the passengers on the ships of the SeaDream Yacht Club are repeat guests who like explore the island and may come back to Saba for a longer visit.  


The next calls of SeaDream I and II are scheduled for January 9 and 30, February 1 and 8, and March 8 and 20. In total, SeaDream I has four port calls scheduled in 2023 and SeaDream II five port calls. Multiple port calls are scheduled for 2024 as well; five port calls of the SeaDream I and five port calls of SeaDream II. “We look forward to welcoming SeaDream Yacht Club and their guests to Saba for years to come,” said Buchanan.

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