SECAR conducting Field Study adjacent to Statia Airport Parameters

Photo: Michael Spanner/GIS

ORANJESTAD – SECAR is currently digging on the western portion adjacent to the Golden Rock 2021 archaeological site (GR2021). The objective of this field study is to determine the presence of additional burials, features, or deposits related to the former Golden Rock Plantation. 

The outcome of the field study will be shared with the local government to be able to determine the cause of action related to the construction of a roundabout and a roadway of the Theodore A.M. Pandt Road (phase 1 of the project Airport Boulevard). The results of previous investigations by SECAR at the Golden Rock sites indicate an extremely high probability for additional undocumented resources.

Shovel tests in select areas will determine the depth of previously disturbed soils and the depths and locations of archaeological deposits. After shovel testing, the mechanized trenches will be placed approximately east-west, parallel to the existing airport fence and parallel to Theodore A.M. Pandt Road. This testing is being conducted by a senior archaeologist and archaeological technicians. The field study is expected to be finalized within 3 months.

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