SECAR starts Inventory field study near Animal Shelter on St. Eustatius

SECAR starts Inventory field study near Animal Shelter on St. Eustatius
Contrary to the situation near the airport, no important archaeological sites are expected in the new location

ORANJESTAD- The St. Eustatius Center for Archaeological Research (SECAR) will start with an inventory field study near the animal shelter (Northeast) on November 28th, 2021 through test trenches. 

This is to determine if there are any archaeological remains in this area. The field study is required before a decision can be taken to build a retention pond near the animal shelter. 

The retention pond forms part of the Airport run off project which main purpose is to better guide and infiltrate the rainwater coming from surrounding areas. The Public Entity St. Eustatius and the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) are working in a joint effort on this project.


Through the test trenches, SECAR will be able to determine the presence, nature, and extent of any archaeological remains. Two narrow test trenches, each 1.5 meters wide and approximately 100 meters long, will be dug on the site. Based on this inventory field study, SECAR will provide a report including recommendations to the Public Entity and Rijkswaterstaat. The report will include an overview of any archaeological traces found, including an analysis of these traces. SECAR will also advise whether it is necessary to conduct a follow-up investigation in case archaeological traces were found.

Even though no archaeological values are known in this area, there are several archaeological sites nearby the Airport. Previous research studies conducted by SECAR have also shown that archaeological remains might be present. 


The Public Entity St. Eustatius consulted the recently installed Statia Heritage Research Committee (SHRC) on the test trenches. SHRC does not have any objections and agrees that this research can be carried out by SECAR. SECAR is a non-governmental organization involved in the study of all aspects of the rich and diverse archaeological heritage on Statia.

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