Second catch of criminal acts for station ship Zr. Mr. Zeeland in a short time

Kralendijk – On Tuesday evening, the Zeeland had its second catch in the Caribbean shortly, a Go Fast with four people on board who probably transported illicit means. The persons and funds were transferred to the Bonairean authorities (KPCN) for further investigation.

Sr. Mr. Zeeland received a report from the Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) on Tuesday evening just after 19:00 hours that a suspect vehicle was sailing in the waters near Bonaire. The NH-90 helicopter of the Zeeland and the Dash of the Coast Guard then went looking for the Go Fast. During the chase of the Go Fast several warnings were given to stop.

Eventually, warning shots from the helicopter forced the speed boat to stop. The 4 crew members of the Go Fast immediately began to throw parcels, clothing and other items on board, but the approaching FRISC of the Zeeland could fish a lot of things out of the water.

The persons and the evidence, including the Go Fast towed by the station ship, could be transferred to the KPCN on Bonaire on Wednesday morning. They now continue with the research. The Zeeland continues her patrol for the Coast Guard.

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