Second Covid-19 Case on Saba

A second positive case was confirmed today. Photo; Z-Ephotography

The Bottom, Saba- Saba has a second case of Covid-19. This was made know by governor Jonathan Johnson in a radio address to the population this on Monday evening.

The second case is closely related to the first case. Details on the condition of the second person were not shared. The first person to contract the virus on the island is said to suffer only mild symptoms.

Since the confirmation of the first positive case, Island Governor Johnson has communicated far reaching measures on the island. People are requested to stay inside as much as possible. Groceries need to be ordered online and only critical workers can go out to work.


Governor Johnson calls on all residents who feel any flu-like symptoms, however light, to contact the hospital and await further instructions. Saba is planning to step up testing on the island.

The health department has also started with contact-tracing for both Covid positive persons and more residents will have to self-quarantine as a preventive measure.

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