Secondary Education Act (WVO) and WVO BES will become WVO 2020

THE HAGUE/KRALENDIJK- The Secondary Education Act (WVO) and the Secondary Education Act BES (WVO BES) are being replaced by 1 new law: the WVO 2020. The law will come into effect on 1 August 2022.

Substantively nothing changes. The law has been made more readable and the division of the chapters is clearer. Also decisions merged. All decisions based on the WVO will also be merged into the WVO Implementation Decree 2020. Examples are the VO Final Examination Decree and the Establishment Decree. All main rules in 1 law and 1 decree

All main rules for secondary education will be easier to find from now on, because they will soon be contained in 1 decree and 1 law. No substantive consequences for schools


According to a report from the national government, there are no substantive consequences for schools, because the content of the law and the decree does not change in substance. At most, the school guide and the website will have to be adjusted if they refer to the old rules.

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