Seedling trials start at Intensive Horticulture project

SCS students Noah Matthew (PRO 5), Dalton Barnes (5V) and SCS Pro/Vocational Department Leader. Photo: Government of Saba

THE BOTTOM- The Showroom Intensive Horticulture Pilot on Saba has completed construction and seedling trials have started.

Jim Garza of Gezondheid Farms, the public private initiative to develop agriculture at Rendez-Vous, aims to have the first round of crop harvested by end of February. “We will be providing a spring salad mix in a 1/2lb biodegradable, twisty wire sealing, breathable paper bag with our local grown labelling. Crop variety trials are being run with romaine, butterhead, arugula, oakleaf, baby kale, mini chive, mizuna mustard, radish microgreen, and other vegetables,” he said.

Gezondheid Farms wants to provide a window of exposure to Saba’s youth to help inspire them to consider science, technology, engineering and mathematical fields of career choices that they have little to no exposure to on the island. 


“Learning how Mother Nature influences plants is intriguing when you involve electronics and sensors into the learning mix. We are all about energy, frequency, and vibration over the amplitude of time, taught with simplicity while having fun eating what we grow,” said Garza.

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