SEHCF director wants to hear about concerns of residents

SEHCF Board Director Rothweiler, wants to hear first-hand from residents what their most important concerns are. Photo: SEHCF

ORANJESTAD- The director of the board of St. Eustatius Health Care Foundation (SEHCF), Frank Rothweiler, is opening his doors to the public of St. Eustatius.

In a release, SEHCF states that the director wants to hear first hand from residents what concerns they have about the provision of Health Care on the island. 

“We are now offering one-on-one appointments with Frank Rothweiler, for an opportunity to hear your concerns”, according to a post by SEHCF on their Facebook Page. 


The reaction to the call by Rothweiler is divided. Some residents feel that it is important to express concerns directly to the Board director. Others state that this seems a waste of time, as complaints were expressed time and again, reputedly without much positive change in the situation. While things had been quieter for some time, recently there are new expressions of concern about the way medical emergencies on the island are being handled. 

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