St. Eustatius

SEHCF responds: ‘Governance important at Foundation’

ORANJESTAD- St. Eustatius Health Care Foundation on Friday sent out a press release in reaction to recent criticism by, especially the All for 1 union, that the Foundation would be plagued by many issues when it comes to Corporate Governance. 

“SEHCF Board of Directors has been informed about serious accusations levelled by the union All for 1 in a letter to the Ministry of VWS on March 11th, 2024, concerning the organization’s governance. In the letter words like nepotism, misuse of authority, victimization and conflict of interests were used. The Board of Directors wishes to emphasize that it does not recognize itself in the accusations, which is important to express because of the level of the allegations”.

The Board of Directors also say that the complaints had not been previously communicated to them. 

The supervisory Board of SEHCF also sent out a statement signed by Board Members Heidelberg and Koeiers, emphasizing that the Supervisory board stimulates open dialogue and collaboration to solve any concerns and challenges, thereby observing the principles of good governance.

Not impressed

All for 1 Union President Charles Woodley in response to the statements said he was not very impressed by the response. “It makes no sense to talk about Good Governance when day in, day out you do not act according to those principles”. Woodley also said both the Managing Board as the Supervisory Board were very well aware of the criticism expressed by the Union. “If they want to acknowledge this and act accordingly is something else”, said Woodley. 

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