Selibon announces fare increase

KRALENDIJK – Garbage collection and waste processing company Selibon N.V. said on Monday it will be forced to increase rates as of September 1, 2022. Interestingly enough, the company does not comment on the size of the planned increases.

“For Selibon N.V. it is very important to maintain and implement an innovative and efficient waste policy. It is our responsibility, together with every resident, to take good care of our environment. Because Selibon takes this responsibility seriously, we have In recent years, emphasis has been placed on more efficient systems to handle waste,” said a press release on Monday.

Higher costs

Selibon states that its prices are also linked to global developments. “Among other things, fuel prices, shortage of transport containers and also higher operational costs. These all affect our rates. In order to continue to provide good work and to continue to contribute to the protection of our environment, we have to adjust some of our rates”, according to the government company.

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