Selibon-employees obtain certificate in dealing with Chemical Waste

KRALENDIJK- A group of 12 employees of waste management company Selibon has successfully completed a three-day course and received a certificate for it on Tuesday.

The three-day course ‘Dealing with chemical waste’ was provided by Peter van Gelder, an expert in the field of safety and specifically in dealing with hazardous substances. “This is a very good thing for Bonaire. The employees now know how to deal with chemical waste without burdening the environment too much,” Van Gelder assures. The teacher says he is impressed by Selibon and the condition of the company’s buildings.

New things

Valeska Frinidat, the only lady in the group of participants, obtained the best passing grade. “I learned several new things. All things I didn’t know before. I am happy and satisfied, because I notice that I am making progress. Every course I take increases my motivation as an employee”. Frinidat has been working at the Company for 17 years. “If I compare it with the past, I think that Seilibon is now experiencing great growth”, says the Seilibon employee proudly.

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