SELIBON employees walk out on Friday

The employees initially refused to go on the road, but still did so after mediation of the Union. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- On Friday morning, employees of garbage processor SELIBON put down their work for some time.

The employees have great difficulty with the poor condition of the garbage trucks, which according to them “always have one or the other malfunction”. On Friday, the employees really had enough, and called in the AFBW union to mediate.

An agreement was reached between the Union and Management about the division of work, now that only one garbage truck is available. For example, several shifts will be run in the coming week to collect the garbage n the best possible manner. In addition, several mechanics will be deployed on Monday to fix the garbage trucks as much as possible. As a result, no garbage collection will take place on Monday.

New equipment

SELIBON is waiting for new garbage trucks to arrive on the island. This will greatly improve the current situation. Industrial action has been looming for quite some time at the government-owned company. Employees are dissatisfied with various matters on the work floor. Recently, the employees threw out the ABVO trade union in favour of the AFBW, which according to the employees, is more attentive to their concerns and complaints. 

In the course of Friday morning, the employees still went to work.

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