Seminar held about changes to the anti-money laundering law

Seminar held about changes to the anti-money laundering law

KRALENDIJK- On Wednesday a seminar was held on Bonaire, to familiarize the community with changes which have been implemented to the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) (BES Islands) Act. 

The rules in the law have become stricter since June of 2021. During the seminar, the importance of these rules and the most important changes were explained.  

This week, representatives of the Dutch central bank (De Nederlandsche Bank), the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets, the Wwft Supervision Office of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and the Dutch Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU-Netherlands) and the Dean of the Bar Association of The Hague are on Bonaire to explain the stricter rules. 


The rules in the Wwft BES apply to a range of businesses, including traders in building materials, property developers, car dealers and financial service providers, such as banks and life insurers. The rules help prevent that criminal funds enter the financial system or terrorism is financed with the aid or by means of these parties.

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